2014 Niagara Music Award Winner “Adult Contemporary Artist of the Year” & “People’s Choice Award”
2014 Welland Arts & Culture Award for Music
2014 Niagara Music Awards Nominee “Male Vocalist of the Year,” and “Songwriter of the Year”
2013 Niagara Music Awards Winner of “The People’s Choice Award”
2013 Niagara Music Awards Nominee in the “Adult Contemporary” and “Best Bar Band” categories.
2013 “Festivals Got Talent” Winner.
2012 “Niagara’s Next Star” Winner.

     “2013 Festivals Got Talent” winner Cory Cruise delighted the audience during the Friendship Festival’s annual competition.  One of the Judges compared him to a cross between Jack Johnson and Neil Young.  He was also the winner of 2012’s Niagara’s Next Star.

     “2012’s Niagara’s Next Star winner Cory Cruise crushed the competition”, as quoted in the Tribune newspaper. Celebrity Judges Nicole Holness, co-host of MTV Live, local music composer Mark Lalama and Rob James, a songwriter/producer out of Toronto, said they chose Cory because he was the contestant who was ready to perform in front of 50,000 people and have enough stage presence to connect with them.

     Cory began his musical journey at eleven years of age after discovering his late father’s guitar tucked away in a dark corner of the attic. Having only one string, he began playing along with the radio.  Using his grass cutting money, he bought his first set of strings. Shortly there after, Cory’s friends and family began to notice his voice had a unique and distinctive brand, with huge vocal range, that pulled them into each song’s story. When asked to describe his sound, Cory answered, while laughing… it’s “Acoustically Delicious”. 

     Via the internet, Cory’s music is being heard all over the world.  Through his support of our Canadian Forces, having written a song dedicated to our fallen called “Loving Memory”, he has proven his natural talent to connect emotionally. Cory’s eclectic musical  influences have made him very diverse and gifted him with an ability to radiate in many genres. Recently, Cory played Illuminaqua and the Niagara Food Festival’s Main Stages. He continues to play in the Niagara region, selling out original shows in St. Catharines with an ever growing fan base.

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